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A guide to our new product labels

Lexogen hass introduced an updated product label design that provides more information about your Lexogen products. Here you can find a quick guide to the new labels you can expect to see.

There are two common label formats:

These labels are found on products that have a Digital-only version of the User Guide available from the respective product page at:

A new Lexogen Product Label with User Guide Number and Link.

These labels are found on products that are still provided with printed User Guides (shipped together with the kit), or on modular kit components that do not have their own dedicated User Guide.

A new Lexogen Product Label without a User Guide Number and Link.

Symbol Key

REF: The Article, or Product Part Number (e.g., M16924-2-0100) - a unique identifier for each manufactured product or module.

Many of our catalog products are modular and consist of one or more “parts”.

NOTE: The first half of the Part Number (e.g., M16924) is unique to each product / module and can be provided to if you have any questions about the products you receive.

LOT: The Lot Number - a unique identifier of a certain quantity of product produced in a single manufacturing run.

BATCH: The Batch number - a unique identifier of a defined combination of Lot Numbers.

NOTE: Please quote the LOT and BATCH Numbers when contacting tech support via regarding any product-related questions or complaints.

SIZE: The number of reactions or preps that can be processed using the provided reagent volumes.

The recommended storage temperature range required for kit stability.

The Product Expiry Date: Performance cannot be guaranteed if the product(s) are used after this date.

The User Guide Number: e.g., 171UG394V0100, defines the specific protocol to be used with the provided products. This number can be found on the bottom left hand corner of all of Lexogen’s User Guides.

The URL below the User Guide Number tells you where to download it from the Lexogen Website.

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