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Can I install the automated protocol myself?

The protocol script files that can be provided have been developed for the softwares and instrument types specified by each manufacturer. However, software version compatibility, and deck compatibility should always be checked first by the manufacturer of your instrument to ensure that the script will run correctly. It is usual that some optimization is required.

We recommend the following process when adopting automation of any of our library prep protocols:

  1. Contact the Field Application Specialist (FAS) or manufacturer of your liquid handler and ask them to check the compatibility of your instrument with the latest version of the automation script protocol.

  2. After installing the program, perform a dry run to ensure there are no errors or incompatibilities.

  3. Perform a dummy run using dummy reagents and check volume accuracy. We strongly recommend performing a dummy run using real purification reagents.

  4. Perform a test run for a small number of replicates, using reference RNA (e.g., Universal Human Reference RNA, Agilent Technologies, Cat. No. 740000).

We can supply dummy reagents for optimizing liquid handling steps (Cat. No. 019.384, shipping charges apply).

Additional Magnetic Bead Purification Modules can be purchased for this purpose (Cat. No. 022, please enquire with your distributor or Account Manager for pricing).

Contact our Tech Support Team ( to order dummy reagents, or for feedback on your automation implementation or library preparation results.

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