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Do my BC1 Block libraries look okay?

Libraries prepared from mouse brain RNA with Lexogen’s QuantSeq Library Prep Kit display distinct peaks in bioanalyzer traces at 230 and 280 bp, which correspond to abundant BC1 lncRNA library fragments. These peaks are reduced in libraries prepared with the BC1 module (RS-BC1B), as shown below in Figure 1 (50 ng mouse brain total RNA).

Figure 1 | Bioanalyzer traces for mouse QuantSeq FWD libraries prepared with and without the RS-BC1 Block
solution (RS-BC1B, Cat. No. 167). Libraries were prepared from 50 ng of mouse brain RNA with the Standard
QuantSeq FWD protocol (RS Standard, red trace), versus QuantSeq with BC1 Block (+RS-BC1B, blue trace). Commercially available mouse brain RNA (BioCat MR-201) was used. Both libraries were amplified with 16 cycles. The two dominant peaks between 230 and 280 bp that are visible in the standard libraries are no longer visible after BC1 blocking.

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