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For which RNA-Seq applications are you offering services?

Lexogen NGS Services cover both standard and innovative RNA-Seq applications, including:

  • Gene Expression Sequencing

  • mRNA Sequencing (polyadenylated mRNA, coding RNA)

  • Whole Transcriptome Sequencing (non-polyadenylated RNA, non-coding RNA)

  • Small RNA Sequencing

  • Single-cell RNA Sequencing

  • Ultra-low Input RNA Sequencing

Further, we offer RNA extraction, preparation of RNA-Seq libraries from SLAMseq samples, comprehensive data analysis based on our standard pipelines, and customized data analysis.

We are specialized in processing challenging samples, like FFPE or blood samples, and accept customized projects. If you are interested in such a project, please fill out this form, and our expert consultants will contact you. 

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