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How do I start my data analysis?

To start your data analysis:

  • Register and/or login to the Kangooroo platform

  • Go to the ´´Quotas´´ tab and enter your voucher code

  • Go to the ´´File library´´ tab and upload your FASTQ files to analyze. For more information on how to upload your files, please see the following FAQ: How do I upload my files to the Kangooroo platform?

  • Go to the ´´Project´´ tab

→ Create a new project. In the Input file widget, add the FASTQ files to analyze. If you would like to analyze your data with your own reference genome*, please upload the reference files.

→ Create your samples. In the Sample widget, you can choose to create each sample individually or you can use the bulk_sample option to generate multiple samples at once (Please see the following FAQ: How do I fill in my sample_file?).

→ Run the pipeline. In the ´´Pipeline runs´´ table, click on “configure new pipeline run”, set up the pipeline parameters and start the run**. Please watch our tutorial video on how to start a new pipeline run here.

Once the data analysis has finished, you can download your results directly from the ´´Project´´ tab by clicking on “show results” in the ´´Pipeline run´´ table or from the ´´Library File´´ tab in the Result Files widget. For more details on how to download your results please see the following FAQ: How do I download my results from the Kangooroo platform?

If differential expression analysis was performed, your results can also be directly visualized on the ´´DE analysis´´ tab. Please see our tutorial video on data visualization here.

*The Kangooroo platform already includes genome references for several species. Please see the following FAQ: What species are available for my data analysis? to determine if your species of interest is available in our platform.

**Click on “Refresh” to update and monitor the status of the pipeline run.

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