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I left my kit, or individual kit components at room temperature, are my products stable?

If you notice your products were stored incorrectly at any time, please immediately store them at the correct temperatures (as indicated on the box label) and contact for further advice.

Ideally, please provide us with the following information when reaching out, so that we can provide advice and recommendations as quickly as possible:

  • A photo of the box or tube label(s) OR

  • the box/tube lot number(s) and batch number(s) (if available) AND

  • Catalog number(s) and name(s) of the affected kits

  • How long it was stored incorrectly

  • Specifically, what temperature(s) or storage conditions the products were exposed to

NOTE: Correct storage temperatures can be found on the box and individual component labels, and are listed in all Lexogen user guides in chapter 2: “Kit Components and Storage Conditions”.

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