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On which liquid handler is the QuantSeq protocol automated?

Automated QuantSeq allows for an automated QuantSeq library preparation and has been successfully implemented on several liquid handlers:

·         Perkin Elmer: Sciclone® / Zephyr®

·         Hamilton: Microlab STAR / STARlet

·         Agilent: NGS Workstation (NGS Bravo Option B)

·         Beckman Coulter: Biomek FXP, Biomek i5, Biomek i7

·         Eppendorf: EpMotion® 5075

·         Opentrons® OT-2

QuantSeq automation on other platforms may also be possible. Please contact our support team for more information.

Two key parameters must always be considered when automating a protocol:

·         volume optimization

·         script compatibility

In some instances, our kits will provide enough reagent, in other instances you will need a higher reagent volume or script adjustments. At Lexogen, we will help you finding the best solution, tailored to your needs.

Please note that the automation platforms differ substantially in the way of programming. Even on the same platform, a protocol can be implemented in various ways, with different demands on resources and reagents volumes. Therefore, before starting a new project involving automation, please reach out to our experts at

Please also consider liaising with the robotic platform support team – they will be able to share the most recent version of the script.

Lexogen gladly supports implementation of Lexogen-manufactured kits, but not hardware or software issues linked to the original liquid handling instrument supplier.

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