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What are the input RNA requirements?

The Small RNA-Seq kit can be used for inputs from:

  • 100 ng – 1,000 ng of cellular total RNA, enriched small RNA or whole blood RNA;

  • 50 pg – 100 ng of low RNA content samples such as plasma, serum, urine, exosomal RNA, etc.

In general, we recommend using 100 ng of total RNA input from cells or tissues.

For 1 - 100 ng input amounts, we recommend using 0.5x dilution of 3' Adapter (A3), 5' Adapter (A5) and Reverse Transcription Primer (RTP) and 50 µl of EtOH in Step 5 of the library prep protocol.

Input amounts lower than 1 ng require further adapter dilutions and protocol adjustments. For more information, see this FAQ and Appendix B of the Small RNA-Seq User Guide.

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