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What are the key considerations when using this kit?

Please find below a list of key points to consider to maximize your RNA extraction:

  • Remove as much paraffin as possible around the tissue.

  • If you have a tissue with a small surface area, you can consider reducing the amount of the FFPE Lysis Buffer (down to 70 μl). Please see How can I increase my final yield? for more information.

  • Check that the sample is well submerged in the FFPE Lysis Buffer.

  • The FFPE Removal solution is light sensitive and provided in a brown bottle. Please carefully follow the storage and handling recommendations described in the User Guide.

  • Ensure the FFPE SPLIT RNA columns are prepared appropriately. Please vortex well and spin down prior to removing the Storage Buffer, and ensure no air bubbles are present. Please see the following FAQ Do you have any specific recommendations for spin column preparation? for additional tips on column preparation.

  • Prior to DNase digestion, check for the presence of paraffin in the upper phase when letting the sample cool down. If you observe a gelatinous layer on top of the aqueous phase, this means that you have some paraffin left in your sample. In this case, please re-incubate the sample at 60°C and centrifuge again.

  • Increase the centrifugation speed to maximize the phase separation.

  • When centrifuging the final eluate, do not increase the speed. When >1,000 × g is used, impurities could be present in your final sample.

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