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What are the RNA input requirements for LUTHOR HD 3’ mRNA-Seq?

LUTHOR HD can be used for direct RNA amplification from animal cells or protoplasts (e.g., from plants) or with purified RNA from all organisms and viruses that possess polyadenylated RNA species.
LUTHOR HD is not suitable for the analysis of non-polyadenylated RNA, e.g., total RNA from bacterial species.

Input ranges:

  • FACS-Sorted Cells: 1 – 100 cells per well/sample may be used.
    For sorting of single cells, we recommend sorting directly into 5 µl of Cell Lysis Buffer (CLB).

  • Cell suspensions: 1 – 100 cells/sample. Prepare cell suspension in 1x PBS.

  • Purified RNA: 10 pg – 1 ng in a volume of 3 µl.

Higher inputs are not recommended, and samples should be diluted to meet recommended input guidelines. For more information, please contact Lexogen Tech Support at

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