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What bioinformatics data analysis services are you offering?

As part of our Lexogen Bioinformatics Services, we offer standard data analysis in line with our RNA- and DNA-Seq applications, and customized, on-demand bioinformatics analyses.

The standard analysis includes basic statistics (number of input reads, number of uniquely mapping reads, % of uniquely mapping reads, average input read length), alignment rates, gene counts, read distribution statistics, information on sample reproducibility, information on differential expression analysis, and visualization of data.

The portfolio of Lexogen Bioinformatics Services is constantly expanding and covers:

  • Differential Gene Expression analysis

  • Functional enrichment analysis

  • Transcriptome assembly

  • Small RNA data analysis

  • Alternative splicing analysis

  • Circular RNA analysis

  • Alternative polyA site analysis

  • Internal priming filtering

  • Shape-Seq

  • ChIP-Seq

  • ATAC-seq

  • Germline and somatic variant calling

  • Single-cell RNA-seq

  • SLAMseq data analysis

  • Whole-exome and whole-genome sequencing

  • de-novo assembly

  • Primer design for rRNA depletion

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