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What multiplexing options are available for QuantSeq-Pool?

The kit includes a set of 96 i1 sample barcodes (i1 12 nt RT-Set for QuantSeq-Pool, dried-in sample barcodes in 96-well plate format), which allow up to 96 samples to be sequenced per lane on an Illumina flow cell. In this case, no i7 or i5 indices need to be added during the library amplification (endpoint PCR).

For multiplexing of more than 96 samples, or to combine multiple pools of smaller numbers of samples for the same sequencing run, unique dual indexing of individual pools (of up to 96 sample-barcoded libraries) is recommended.

We recommend using Lexogen's 12nt Unique Dual Indexing System for QuantSeq-Pool experiments.

Unique Dual Indices (UDIs) with pre-mixed i5 and i7 indices are available in a convenient 96-well format. UDIs are 12 nucleotides in length and provide superior error correction capability for massive multiplexing. The Lexogen UDI 12 nt Unique Dual Indexing Sets are available in sets of 96 (Cat. No. 101 – 105) for multiplexing of up to 9,216 samples per set, or 36,864 samples with a 384 UDIs set (Cat. No. 156).

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