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What size distribution can I expect from my libraries?

The typical distribution of QuantSeq REV V2 libraries may vary depending on the type of input sample (e.g., FFPE samples typically produce shorter libraries than high-quality Universal Human Reference RNA (UHRR)) and on the input amount.
Below, you can find examples of typical QuantSeq REV V2 library distributions obtained using different input amounts of UHRR RNA, with the appropriate protocol modifications, as described in the User Guide.

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Figure | Bioanalyzer traces of QuantSeq REV V2 libraries prepared from different input amounts of total RNA input (UHRR). Libraries were prepared with the standard protocol, using 500 ng (red trace, 12 PCR cycles) and 10 ng (blue trace, 18 PCR cycles) of UHRR. Libraries with 1 ng (green trace, 22 PCR cycles) of UHRR input were prepared with low input protocol modifications (see User Guide). Endpoint PCR was performed using unique dual indices.

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