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Where do I find the User Guide for my kit?

We are currently in the process of transitioning all products to digital User Guide formats. This includes individual modules that can be used together with complete library preparation kits.

All user guides can be accessed via the Lexogen Documents Webpage. Use the left hand side menu to navigate to the kit family. Current Versions are listed for each kit, including user guides for add-on modules. Previous versions of all use guides can be found in the expandable menus.

Figure | Example of QuantSeq 3' mRNA-Seq Kit Document Resource Page.

The user guide for a specific kit or module will be printed on the product label (or for kits purchased before September 2022, listed on an Information Card contained within the box of reagents itself). All Lexogen user guide version numbers have the same format and are found in the bottom left corner of the front cover:

EXAMPLE: 123UG456V0100

The user guide version number is underlined in blue above. The higher the number, the more recent the version.

If you are unsure about which user guide version you should use for you particular kit, please contact and supply the kit name, lot number, and catalog number and we will confirm it for you!

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