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Can I pool different library kinds (e.g., QuantSeq and CORALL) in the same sequencing run using the UDI 12 nt Unique Dual Indices?

We do not recommend multiplexing Lexogen libraries with libraries from other vendors, or Lexogen libraries with different mean insert sizes, in the same sequencing lane.


Though this is possible in principle, specific optimization of index combinations, library pooling conditions, and loading amounts may be required, even for advanced users. Sequencing complex pools that include different library types at different lane shares may have unpredictable effects on sequencing run metrics, read quality, read outputs, and / or demultiplexing performance. Lexogen assumes no responsibility for the altered performance of Lexogen libraries sequenced in combination with external library types in the same lane (or run).


Due to size differences, libraries prepared with the Lexogen Small RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit (or any other small RNA library prep kit) should not be sequenced together with QuantSeq, QuantSeq-Pool, QuantSeq-Flex, LUTHOR, or CORALL libraries. Please refer to the sequencing guidelines for each library type (library adapter details, loading amounts to use, and use of custom sequencing primers, etc.), which are provided in our library prep kit User Guides, and online Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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