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Do I have enough cycles of SBS chemistry in my NovaSeq Reagent Kit v1.5 to read out the full 12 nt length of Lexogen UDIs?

Yes. The NovaSeq 6000 v1.5 Reagent Kits include additional SBS chemistry cycles, which are increased from 30 to 38 compared to the previous v1.0 Reagent Kits. Thus, expanding the maximum number of supported cycles per kit to 538, 338, 238, and 138 for 500, 300, 200, and 100-cycle kits, respectively. Moreover, in the new v1.5 Kits, the Reverse Complement Workflow (B) replaces the Forward Strand Workflow (A) utilized by the v1.0 Kits. This change further impacts the number of effective SBS chemistry cycles because the Reverse Complement Workflow does not require additional seven cycles of reagents for the chemistry-only cycles at the beginning of the second Index Read. Therefore, with additional 38 effective SBS chemistry cycles, as opposed to only 23 with v1.0 Kits, one can comfortably read out 12 + 12 nt from the Lexogen UDIs. For more information please refer to the Illumina bulletin or contact Illumina Support.

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