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Do I need special de-multiplexing software tools for this product?

Demultiplexing can be carried out by standard Illumina tools (BaseSpace Sequence Hub and bcl2fastq2). Index sequences (UDI12A_0001-0384 and UDI12B_0001-0096) are available for download at


Additionally to the standard error-correction included in the standard Illumina tools, Lexogen’s idemuxCPP tool can be used to demultiplex and/or error correction. This command line tool is available free of charge at


 Lexogen’s idemuxCPP can be used for:

  • i1 barcode demultiplexing of QuantSeq-Pool libraries

  • i5 and i7 demultiplexing of QuantSeq, QuantSeq-Pool, CORALL, and LUTHOR libraries

  • AND Error correction of above mentioned demultiplexed reads

Please contact for more information.

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