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How can I analyze my QuantSeq-REV V2 data?

Customers can analyze their QuantSeq-REV V2 data with Lexogen´s automated solution via our Data Analysis request form or with Lexogen’s new web-based interactive platform, Kangooroo.

Data analysis is free of charge for customers with a valid QuantSeq voucher code provided with our kits.

For more information on Kangooroo, please visit our website Lexogen - Kangooroo or check out our Kangooroo FAQs!

For more information on our automated data analysis, please visit Lexogen's Data analysis solution webpage and Online FAQs.

Please check the following FAQ to ensure your species is available:

Note: Our QuantSeq pipelines (FWD and REV) utilize single-read data only. Please, only upload Read 1 FASTQ files.

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