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How do I download my results from the Kangooroo platform?

Please watch our tutorial video on how to download your files here.

All the result files can be downloaded from:

  • The ´´Project´´ tab under the ´´Pipeline run(s)´´ table (by clicking on ´´Show results´´ ).

  • The ´´DE Analysis´´ tab (only for the download of PCA, MA and Volcano plots).

The result files can be directly downloaded on your computer or Google Bucket.

To download your files on your computer, click on the icon ´´Download Bundle to PC´´. All result files will be downloaded simultaneously. Alternatively, you can also download separately each files by selecting the result folder of interest and clicking on the download icon for each respective file.

To download your files to your Bucket, select the result folder (s) and the files to download and click on “Download selected files to Cloud”.

ATTENTION! Your data are stored for a period of 4 weeks. Please, download your results as soon as the data analysis has finished. No backup or data retrieval will be possible after data deletion.

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