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How many samples can I spike-in with the SIRV mixes?

The number of reactions depends on the spike-in amount required. You can estimate the number of samples possible to spike in using the respective SIRV-Set Spike-In Calculator Worksheets:

From the SIRV-Set 1 mixes you can draw 4 times 1 µl. This 1 µl should then be stepwise diluted to the optimal working concentration.

From SIRV-Set 2, 3, and 4 mixes you can draw 9 times 1 µl, and similar dilutions should be made.

The optimal working dilution will depend on the amount of SIRV RNA to spike-into each sample as well as the volume of SIRVs that can be added to each sample. See also Equation 2 in the SIRV User Guides.

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