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How to upload and download my data?

The FASTQ files to be analyzed* must be uploaded to an sFTP folder.

After submitting your Data Analysis Request, you will receive an automatic notification with the private credentials required to log in to our FTP account.

We recommend using FileZilla Client to access our sFTP folder.

To upload and download files:

  • Log in to the sFTP server with your private credentials

  • On the left window (local site) you will see your computer files/folder and on the right window (remote site) your hosting account with the folder “upload”

  • To upload data, select the folder/files of interest on the local site and:

  1. Drag and drop the file between the local and the remote windows

  2. Or right-click on the file of interest and select “upload”

ATTENTION! Data must be uploaded to the folder “upload” and only to the folder “upload”.

When the data analysis is complete, the results will be automatically uploaded to the sFTP folder and can be downloaded from there.

To download your files, right-click on the file to download in the remote site and select Download.


* The input file size is limited to 1.5GB/file for the runs included in the free codes provided with each QuantSeq purchased kit. Codes for different input sizes can be purchased separately and their respective size limit applies to the Data Analysis Request, too (i.e., 3GB and 6GB). If FASTQ files exceed the code size limit, you can attempt to compress your files. Please see the following FAQ for additional information: My FASTQ files are bigger than 1.5 GB what should I do?

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