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PCR Add-on and Reamplification Kit V2

The PCR Add-on and Reamplification Kit V2 (Cat. No. 208) contains reagents for the qPCR assay and library reamplification of both single- and dual-indexed Illumina libraries.

This kit can be used to perform:

  • qPCR assays with cDNA generated from QuantSeq V2 (Cat. No. 191 - 196, 225), QuantSeq-Pool (Cat. No. 139), LUTHOR HD (Cat. No. 204, 221), and CORALL V2 (Cat. No. 171 - 186) Library Prep Kits.

  • Reamplification of all Lexogen libraries.

This kit is not compatible for use with the following products:

  • TeloPrime (Cat. No. 013)

IMPORTANT: This kit is not recommended for qPCR assays with older versions of QuantSeq 3’ mRNA-Seq and CORALL RNA-Seq.

Download the PCR Add-on and Reamplification Kit V2 User Guide.

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