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What is the typical yield I should get from my library prep?

The typical library concentration you can expect from Lexogen libraries amplified with an optimal number of PCR cycles is ~1 - 3.5 ng/µl.

This amount of library is sufficient for pooling and sequencing.

Lower library yields can also be sufficient for pooling and sequencing. To check whether your library amounts are sufficient, use our Library Quantification Calculation File. Please also check with your sequencing provider on required lanemix concentration and volume requirements.

Lanemixes that are too dilute after samples are pooled, can be concentrated into a smaller volume using the Lexogen Purification Module with Magnetic Beads (Cat. No. 022), with 0.9 - 1x Purification Beads (PB) and eluting the re-purified pool in a smaller volume of Elution Buffer (EB).

If your library yield or concentration is still not sufficient for sequencing, you can reamplify your libraries or lanemix using the PCR Add-on and Reamplification Kit (Cat. No. 208).

Please check these FAQs for library reamplification kit options and compatibility details:

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