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Where do I find my activation code for the included QuantSeq data analysis?

All QuantSeq FWD and REV kits ordered after November 2016 are supplied with an activation code to access the QuantSeq Data Analysis pipelines.

Activation codes for additional runs can be purchased from Lexogen by contacting the sales team at For further questions, please contact Activation codes are valid for two years after the purchase of the kit. The input file size is limited to 1.5 GB per fastq(.gz) file. If you have larger input files, activation codes for files up to 3 GB or 6 GB can also be purchased by contacting the sales team at


Figure 1: Location of the data analysis activation code in the QuantSeq Kit with the new packaging system. The code can be found on the microtube holder (or one of the holders, if the kit contains more than one), inside the Library Generation Module box. For previous versions of the packaging system, please check this more detailed online FAQ.

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