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How can I analyze my QuantSeq data?

All QuantSeq FWD and REV kits are supplied with a code to access free QuantSeq data analyses. Please see our Data Analysis FAQs for more information on platform availability. Each code contains an equal number of analysis runs as reactions provided in the kits, i.e., a 96 reaction kit includes 96 data analysis runs.

The list of reference annotations available for the pipelines can be found here: What species are available for my data analysis?

NOTE: Our QuantSeq-Pool Kit does not come with free access to data analysis pipelines. Please check this online FAQ How do I analyze my QuantSeq-Pool data?

File Sizes

The FASTQ input file size limit for free data analysis runs is 1.5 GB. Larger FASTQ file sizes can only be processed using codes for large file sizes, which can be purchased additionally (Cat. No. 211 and 212 for QuantSeq FWD; Cat. No. 213 and 214 for QuantSeq REV). Alternatively, you can compress your FASTQ files. For more information on how to achieve this, please this online FAQ My FASTQ files are bigger than 1.5GB what should I do?

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