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How can I analyze my CORALL V2 Data?

You can analyze your CORALL data for free with a valid voucher code by using our new web-based platform Kangooroo: Analyze Your RNA-Seq Data with Ease | Introducing Kangooroo by Lexogen.

Please ask for your voucher code(s) at

File sizes

The FASTQ input file size limit for free data analysis runs is 5 GB. Larger FASTQ file sizes can only be processed using codes for large file sizes, which can be purchased separately (Cat. No. 217 for file sizes up to 10 GB and Cat. No. 218 for file sizes up to 15 GB). Alternatively, you can compress your FASTQ files. For more information on how to achieve this, please see: My FASTQ files are bigger than 1.5 GB what should I do?  


If you would like to set up your own data analysis pipeline, please check our publicly available CORALL pipeline hosted on GitHub: GitHub - Lexogen-Tools/corall_analysis: Standard analysis routine for samples generated with Corall and Corall v2 library preparation kit.

CORALL RNA-Seq data can also be analyzed using most standard RNA-Seq pipelines. Please note that the workflow may need to be adjusted, depending on the goal of the sequencing experiment.

A basic schematic of the steps involved in CORALL data analysis, along with recommended tools, can be found below:


Figure | CORALL Data Analysis Pipeline Workflow.

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